Kratom Questions & Answers


Can I change my order afterwards?

Unfortunately this is not possible. We will then cancel your order and you can simply place a new one. 

What can I do if I do not receive an order confirmation? 

First of all, please check your spam folder. Unfortunately, the emails often end up there. Next, please check the email address you entered when placing your order. If you made a mistake here or simply did not receive an email, please contact our customer service. 

What emails do I receive from you when I place an order?

You will receive an order confirmation including invoice. As soon as you have paid the order and we have received the money, you will receive a payment confirmation. In the last step, you will receive a tracking mail from DHL if you wish. 



Where can I enter the packing station / postal branch?

When you are at the checkout, at the bottom of your address it says "Send delivery to another address?". Simply check the box there and select "Address type". Here you will find the Packstation and the post office. 

What information do I need for the packing station? 

  1. First and last name
  2. Postal number
  3. Packing station number
  4. Zip code and city of the packing station

What information do I need for the post office?

  1. First and last name
  2. E-mail address or postal number
  3. Postal branch number 
  4. Postal code and place of postal branch 

How fast do you ship the goods?

In der Regel werden alle Zahlungseingänge bis 10:30 Uhr noch am selben Tag versendet. Unser Anspruch ist es die Pakete innerhalb von 24h zu versenden. Spätere Zahlungseingänge werden am Folgearbeitstag versendet. Bitte berücksichtige, dass wir nicht am Wochenende arbeiten. D. h. Zahlungseingänge die Freitags Mittags / Nachmittags / Abends eingehen, werden erst am Montag bearbeitet. 

How long does the delivery take?

Normal DHL delivery times within Germany are between 2 and 3 business days. Once we hand over the package to DHL, we also have no influence on the delivery speed. Then it is entirely up to the delivery service.  

Why does the delivery status not change?

With merchandise mail shipments, the change of status always takes a little longer (1 to 2 business days). For DHL parcels, you will usually have a status change within 1 business day. If a status does not change over a longer period (2 to 3 business days), please contact us. We will usually find a common solution. From the 5 working day we can only make an inquiry request to DHL. 



What payment methods do you accept?

We only accept bank transfers or cash on delivery. 

Do you offer other payment options upon request?

No, we only offer prepayment / bank transfer or cash on delivery. 

Do you accept screenshots?

No, we do not accept screenshots because of various manipulation attempts. Any attempt of fraud will be criminally reported to the police. 

How long does the transfer take?

Within Germany

Online bank transfer = 1 bank working day until credit.

Vouchered transfer = 2 bank working days until credit.

Real-time transfer = money is credited directly.


Within EU = as within Germany

Outside EU = the receipt of money can take up to 1 week

What is the difference between booking day and value date for a bank transfer?

Posting day: is the day you entered the transfer.

Value date: is the day when the transfer is/was debited from your account. Not the day the money arrives at the payee.




Do I have a right of withdrawal?

Yes, you definitely have a right of withdrawal. All distance sales (phone, internet, mail, etc.) have a 14-day cancellation period. See our withdrawal page

Can I also return opened bags?

No, unfortunately this is not possible. We always add a 10 gram free sample of the same variety from 100 gram units. You can try this for coloring or painting. If you do not like the color, you can return the larger unit to us. We will gladly exchange your bag or refund the purchase price of the bag. 

How does the exchange work?

Just write to us by email or messenger. We will then give you a short instruction.

  1. Write to us.
  2. Pack original sealed bag well and ship to us.
  3. After receiving the goods, we check them. 
  4. If everything is in original condition, we will exchange the goods and send you your new variety. 


Customer service

Under which e-mail address can we reach you?

You can reach us at

Can we also reach you via WhatsApp, Telegram or Signal?

We are also available on these messengers. 

Why can't we reach you by phone call?

We do not offer phone support. You can send us any request via email or messenger. Usually you will get a response very quickly. 

If I have a concern, can I write to you?

We ask for it. If you have any questions about your order, the process or anything else, please feel free to contact us. Please check the FAQ first to see if your question can be answered here. Also, please always pay attention to your writing style, malicious emails or disrespectful emails will not be answered. 



How do I get the 5% discount code?

Please write to us via email or messenger and share your review with us. We will send you a coupon code for 5% off your next purchase. 


Regular customer discount

Do you reward your regular customers?

Of course, we appreciate every single order and in this regard we would like to give something back to our regular customers. Our regular customers can get up to 10% discount. 

How much is the regular customer discount?

After the fifth order you will get 5% discount on your further purchases with us and after the tenth order even 10%. 

How do I get the discount code? 

Simply write to us by e-mail ( We will check your case and send you your individual code. This code is not transferable or combinable. 


Goods assortment

How do I get instructions for painting or coloring with kratom?

We have printed painting instructions on all our Kratom bags. More you get very happy about our customer service. 

What can I dye everything with kratom?

You can color light textiles, ceramics, canvases, candles and so much more. Try out the best for yourself. 

Can I also paint with kratom? 

Yes, you can. Surely you will be delighted with the result. We have already painted so many pictures with kratom and other dyes. 

Is your kratom also suitable for consumption?

No, our kratom is not suitable for consumption. We distance ourselves from any consumption and do not want to have anything to do with it. All inquiries in this regard will be deleted without exception. Our Kratom can be used exclusively for dyeing and painting.

Do you have anything mixed in your kratom?

No, our kratom is 100% kratom. 

Is your range being expanded?

In the future we would like to expand our stock. Canvases, brushes, more dyes, textiles for painting and coloring, there will be in the future. 

What are "wild" Kratom varieties?

Normally, a farmer with his helpers harvests the kratom trees to a plantation he has established. This is not the case with the wild varieties. Here the farmers have to search deep into the jungle for kratom trees. These are usually 20 - 25 meters high and grown completely without human zutun. Therefore it is more dangerous, but also much more exclusive. Here you can only harvest a small amount, as much as you can find.