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Up to 10% regular customer discount

We continue to offer our regular customer discount to all regular customers. 

When do I become a regular customer?

After the fifth order you get 5% discount for regular customers and after the tenth order you get even 10%. Who orders more often with us, should also be rewarded.

How do I get the code?

Please write us an email ( and describe your case. After a short check if everything is correct, you will receive your discount code immediately. This code is not combinable or transferable.

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Kratom uses

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How to paint with kratom

Use a brush to mix 5 grams of paint with 15 ml of water to form a paste until the paint starts to foam a little. Now you can paint with the brush on paper or canvas.

Tip: Avoid mixing with yellow, this usually gives a rather swampy looking greenish blue

How to dye clothes 

- T-shirts and other clothing

T-shirts and other garments achieve the best results when the fabric has a high cotton content, so avoid too much or pure synthetic fiber clothing.

Make sure that the T-shirt is very clean before you start the dyeing process. To get the threads clean, you can clean the t-shirt with soda powder. This process helps to remove the various waxes and oils from the garment.

You need:

- A large non-reactive saucepan or cooking pot (i.e. one without a non-stick coating), should be large enough!

The ideal pot size for coloring kratom
The ideal pot size for coloring kratom









Soda powder also known as sodium carbonate and washing soda.

- Textile detergent or rinse aid

- Your kitchen stove or hob

- A thermometer - Preferably digital, with probe attachment for immersion in the liquids used.

- Good quality rubber gloves.

Keep in mind that dyeing your own fabrics, as simple as it may sound, is not without risks. Be well prepared to avoid accidents.

Use high quality protective gloves, especially when handling warm liquids and when immersing fabrics in the dye pot. Do not use food containers after using the pot to dye fabrics.

Although our natural dye is non-irritating, you may want to use a face mask so you don't inhale fine particles when measuring the leaf powder.
Be especially careful when using abrasive products and make sure you have read all the advice on the packaging.

It is best to work in a well-ventilated work area without small children or pets.
Wear old clothes, aprons and other clothing that you don't mind getting stained or wet.

Protective equipment Kratom dye
Bereite deine Schutzausrüstung vor









This is how you clean your garment:

How much water should you use? The fabric should have plenty of room to move and soak in the pot, so make sure you don't dye too much at once. We recommend 2.26 liters of water per 28 grams of cotton fabric.


Kratom garment
Kratom Kleidungsstück wiegen









The recommended amounts of soap and soda vary somewhat from source to source. We don't think exact ratios are very important, but these numbers should give you a starting point to then develop the best technique after practicing.

For even more effective textile cleaning, add between 2 and 3 teaspoons of washing soda (3 teaspoons is a tablespoon) and 1 to 2 teaspoons of detergent per 4 liters of water.

Adding soda
Adding soda









Don't forget to wear protective gloves when handling washing powders, detergents and chemicals. Also make sure you wear appropriate clothing / aprons before you start dyeing.

Once you have added the above chemicals to the water, carefully add the fabric and turn on the heat. Bring the water to a boil, then turn off the heat and leave the fabric there for at least two to four hours.

Kleidungsstück in Topf legen
Kleidungsstück in Topf lege









Stir the fabric to be dyed occasionally with a long wooden spoon to ensure that it is washed evenly. You will notice that the water turns yellowish.

It will be clear that the fabric will be very clean after at least a couple of hours, so when you reach that point, carefully lift the garment out of the pot and drain the water.

Rinse the garment thoroughly with running water for a few minutes to remove any abrasive chemicals. You can use a colander or salad spinner for this step.

Clean garment
Clean garment









garment after rinsing.
garment after rinsing.









From this point, you can proceed directly to the dyeing process with the wet garment or dry it and store it like freshly cleaned laundry.

How to dye your T-shirt with our natural dye:

As a general guideline, use about 100-250 grams of natural dye powder for each batch of T-shirts you want to dye. Add at least 2-3 liters of water (or enough to submerge a T-shirt in a rinse bowl or bucket).

Take 100-250 g of dye powder and add it to 2-3 liters of hot boiling water, which is at least 90 C. Increase the temperature until just before boiling and then let the mixture simmer for at least 30 minutes while stirring.

This allows the dye from the plant material to enter the water.
Turn off the stove and allow the water to cool to a maximum of 70°C. For best results, let the color mixture cool overnight and then proceed with your project the next day.

Once the mixture has cooled, you can strain out the remaining dye powder. This makes it easier to clean your garment after the dyeing process - but it's not essential, as the dyeing material is quite fine and can be rinsed off.

Make sure that the dyeing liquid is placed in a suitable storage container. Place the washed-out T-shirt or garment in the pot and stir gently with a wooden spoon to ensure that all the fabric is submerged.

Kleidungsstück in Kratom - Farbbad
Kleidungsstück in Kratom – Farbbad









Temperature control
Temperature control









Turn the stove back on. Bring the water temperature to about 70 °C, be careful, do not burn your hands when moving the garment in the pot.

Process the garment in the dye mixture every 10 minutes for at least 1 hour, squeezing the garment repeatedly to ensure that all fibers are flushed with dye.
For best results, leave the garment in the dye mixture for at least 5 hours or overnight.

You do not need to reheat the mixture during this soaking phase. Most of the remaining color powder should have sunk to the bottom of the container by the end of the process.
In the next step, let the garments drain thoroughly under cold running water for at least 5 minutes and rinse.

At this stage, you can already treat your dyed garment like freshly washed laundry, so you can dry it either in the dryer or on the clothesline.

Vor - und nach der natürlichen Färbung
Vor – und nach der natürlichen Färbung









You can dispose of the used paint powder in the compost heap, as it is biodegradable.

Congratulations, you have now made a unique garment yourself from natural dyes, you can be proud of it!

Vergleich Kratom T Shirt Vorher Nachher
Vergleich Kratom T Shirt Vorher Nachher

Dyeing candles with kratom

What do you need to dye candles:

  • Candle wax (preferably white)
  • Kratom (quantity yes as desired, how strong the coloring should be)
  • One wick
  • One pot
  • A heat resistant vessel for melting wax
  • A small stick for stirring


Step 1:

Pour the hard wax into the heat-resistant container. The amount is up to you, depending on how big and how many candles you want.

Step 2:

Make a pot so full of water that the container with the wax can float in it.

Kratom candle1
In our example, we simply took a white tea light.











Step 3:

Put the pot with the vessel on a stove top and heat the water. Until all the wax is melted.

Step 4:

Now that the wax is melted, we take any amount of kratom and stir it into the wax. The more kratom you add, the more colorful the candle will be later. But don't use too much or the candle will crumble later. The finished mixture you then put into a candle mold.

Step 5:

Now just put a wick in the middle of the candle mold so that it peeks out about 2cm above. Now let the wax get cold and the candle is ready. Depending on the color of the kratom, your candle can be reddish-brown or green.

Kratom candle2
Kratom candle3
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Angebot des Monats April 2024 *abgelaufen*

Hallo ihr Lieben,

ab sofort sind die neuen Sorten des Monats freigeschaltet.

Diesen Monat gibt es in unserem Kratom Shop einen wilden Monat. Da wir von unseren wilden Sorten begeistert sind, haben wir für euch alle wilden Sorten günstiger gemacht.

Hier könnt ihr Online günstig Wild Sorten kaufen.

Wir wünschen euch einen wunderschönen Start in die neue Woche.

Beste Grüße

Euer Kratomdudes Team


P.S.: Green Ultra haben wir nochmals deutlich reduziert. Hier gibt es nur noch einen Restbestand. Daher gilt: Nur solange der Vorrat reicht.

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Oster Aktion

  • Start: 25.03.2024
  • Geschenke: 1.000 Stück
  • Ende: Bis die 1.000 Stück verschenkt wurden
  • Bedingungen: Pro Bestellung 1 Geschenk. Das Geschenk gibt es ab einem Bestellwert von 30,00 €. Versandkosten zählen nicht. Bei Widerruf oder Rücksendung der Bestellung, muss das Geschenk zurück gegeben werden und man hat kein Anrecht darauf.

Das gesamte Kratomdudes Team wünscht euch ein frohes Osterfest. 

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WINTER AKTION *abgelaufen*

Unsere Winter Aktion startet am 20.11.2023 und geht bis einschließlich 20.01.2024. 

Für alle unsere Kunden haben wir eine besondere Aktion geplant. Zu jeder Bestellung bekommt Ihr Kratom geschenkt.


Staffelung der Geschenke

  • Ab 20,00 EUR bezahlter Bestellwert, bekommt Ihr weitere 20g Kratom geschenkt.
  • Ab 75,00 EUR bezahlter Bestellwert, bekommt Ihr weitere 30g Kratom geschenkt.
  • Ab 100,00 EUR bezahlter Bestellwert, bekommt Ihr weitere 50g Kratom geschenkt.
  • Ab 175,00 EUR bezahlter Bestellwert, bekommt Ihr weitere 100g Kratom geschenkt.
  • Ab 300,00 EUR bezahlter Bestellwert, bekommt Ihr weitere 250g Kratom geschenkt.
  • Ab 450,00 EUR bezahlter Bestellwert, bekommt Ihr weitere 500g Kratom geschenkt.
  • Ab 600,00 EUR bezahlter Bestellwert, bekommt Ihr weitere 750g Kratom geschenkt.
  • Ab 800,00 EUR bezahlter Bestellwert, bekommt Ihr weitere 1kg  Kratom geschenkt.

Versandkosten zählen nicht zum Bestellwert dazu. Wir legen das Geschenk automatisch anbei. Sorten werden je nach Bestand ausgewählt. Wünsche können geäußert werden (per Mail). Der Aktionszeitraum ist zwischen dem 20.11.2023 und dem 20.01.2024. Alle eingehenden Bestellungen ab dem 20.11.2023 bis zum 20.01.2024 fallen unter diese Aktion. 

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Preiserhöhung ab dem 15.10.2023

Hallo Ihr Lieben,

leider hat uns die Preiserhöhungen (Inflation) vom letzten Winter und von diesen Jahr nicht verschont. Wir haben diese sehr lange abgefedert. Jedoch kommen wir jetzt nicht drum herum, eine kleine Preiserhöhung auf die größeren Einheiten zu machen.


Ab dem 15.10.2023 werden folgende Einheiten preislich verändert:

Einheit = Neuer Preis

  • 250 Gramm = 53,00 EUR
  • 500 Gramm = 79,00 EUR
  • 1.000 Gramm = 134,00 EUR

Wilde Einheiten = Neuer Preis

  • 250 Gramm = 58,00 EUR
  • 500 Gramm = 84,00 EUR
  • 1.000 Gramm = 144,00 EUR

Sample-Packs = Neuer Preis

  • 2x 250 Gramm = 84,00 EUR
  • 3x 250 Gramm = 124,00 EUR
  • 4x 250 Gramm = 164,00 EUR


  • 2x 500 Gramm = 149,00 EUR
  • 3x 500 Gramm = 219,00 EUR
  • 4x 500 Gramm = 279,00 EUR
  • 5x 500 Gramm = 344,00 EUR


  • 2x 1.000 Gramm = 259,00 EUR
  • 3x 1.000 Gramm = 379,00 EUR